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Speed Skating and Short Track Safety Systems Impakt Safety One

The main prupose of the moveable system is to remove the rigid part behind the mats which are the traditional ice hockey boards present in all the ice rinks. These rigid boards are replaced by single poles and belts which are tightened to keep the padding system in place.
As the word moveable explains the mats are able to move to the outside of the ice surface in case of impact by guarnteeing the highest level of protection for the athletes.

The layout of the Short Track moveable system without rink boards will be personalized based on the dimension and the area surrounding the ice surface. Based on technical details and exact drawings of the ice rink, a certain number of poles will be fixed on the concrete surface as well as a certain number of poles to allow the entry and exit of the skaters and the ice resurfacing machines.

The area around the moveable system especially in the dangerous corners has to be free from any obstacle and at least 1 meter of space shall be available as shown in an example drawing below:

Spazio per la Deformazione

The mats are connected to each others with velcro straps which also avoids to have blades stucked between the single mats in case of falls which can result in twisted or broken ankles. All the mats are fixed to the ground in order to avoid athletes passing underneath and a continuous control of the tension of the belts as well as the correct placement of the mats is needed. 30 cm of the width of the mats are directly laying on the ice whilst the other 20 cm are off the ice. Each single mat as a net on top of which the inside air of the vertical columns can extrude.

All the corner mats are shaped in order to give the correct size and shape of a traditional ice hockey rink which allows in this case also activities for Figure Skating athletes. To fit perfectly also for this purpose, removeable kick plates are available which can be fixed for high level Figure Skating competitions.
The protection mats of the moveable system are having a width of 50 cm, length of 2 meters and height of 120 cm. For entry and exit doors mats of 1 meter length are used.

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