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Dettaglio tecnico

Dettaglio tecnico

Dettaglio tecnico

Speed Skating and Short Track Safety Systems Impakt Safety One for Speed Skating

In Long Track Speed Skating, the athletes are achieving speeds up to 60 kilometres per hour and therefore demands an high quality protection system in order to guarantee a safe impact and reduce to a minimum the bounce back effect. Also taking in consideration that athletes are not wearing any kind of body protection, for this reason the padding has to be of high quality and avoid any kind of friction or dangerous hard edges.
Based on the Short Track moveable system and experience, a similar inside structure was adopted as well as the connection with velcro straps and the layout of the track and system with poles and belts which allow the mats to move slightly to the outside of the ice surface at the moment of the impact. 40 cm of the mats are laying on the ice while other 40 cm of the mats are off ice. The mats are fixed on the ground to avoid athletes passing underneath which can result in dangerous injuries.
At the moment the ahtlete hits the mat air will extrude through a net placed at the higher part of the mat. For outdoor rinks the net is placed at the backside of the mat covered with a light vynil layer in order to avoid foam absorbing snow and rain.

Layout di curva

Based on technical details and exact drawings of the ice rink a certain number of poles will be fixed on the concrete surface as well as a certain number of poles to allow the entry and exit of the skaters and the ice resurfacing machines. The area around the track should be free of obstacles in a range of 1 meter to allow the padding to move to the outside of the ice surface.

Additional poles will allow entry and exit form the outside. Special low mats at the finishing lines are placed for correct photofinish and timing equipment data collection.

The Speed Skating mats are not having a rectangular shape. The bottom width is 80 cm, the height is 100cm (can be increased to 120cm if needed) and the top width is 40 cm. This solution allows to have a perfect viewing angle for the spectators all around the track.

The cover sheet can be personalized with image and look design as well as logos. Velcro straps at the bottom and top edge allow easy placement of banners

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